Broadleaf of Vernon is know for their execptional and distinct selection of exotic meats, seafood and unusual products for the hospitality industry.  Their staff and systems are highly advanced therefore able to complete many tasks and provide excellent service to their customers.

Keeping ahead of the Industry, Broadleaf has taken advantage of the Vernon Utility rebate program and updated all their conventional lights to LED lamps. This has enabled Broadleaf to improve production and product visibility, reduce waste and improve moral.  Their previous conventional lighting was distinctly yellow and cast a pall over the work areas.  The new LED lamps are white, bright and provide a clean light with which to read, clean, produce and work.

The LED lamps combined with rebate, reduced heat, maintenance and energy savings will pay for themselves in less than one year.  The photo’s speak for themselves when you see the visual difference!

Broadleaf of Vernon Stays Ahead with LED Lights

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