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Main Store Current: Fluorescent Retrofit: LED
Fixture Type 2 Tube 4 FT 2 Tube 4 FT
Tube Type Fluoroscent T8 T8 LED SMD
Wattage 38 18
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Annual KwH
Annual Energy Cost
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Lifetime Savings Current: Fluorescent Retrofit: LED
Tube Cost 5 70
Ballast cost 15 0
Lifetime hours - tube 15,000 50,000
Lifetime hours - ballast 20,000 0
Energy hours over lifetime
Total Energy Cost
Total Tube cost over lifetime
Total Ballast cost over lifetime 0.00
Total Cost
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This estimate is based on information provided by the manufacturer. Actual results and information may vary due to in-field conditions. Estimator has taken into account as much real-time data as available to make the assumptions necessary for this report. Excluded from this report are savings from the heat not produced by LED Lighting. Fluorescent lighting produces heat that must be removed by air conditioning. The cost of heat removal may be added to the energy savings. Additionally the added cost of maintenance, florescent bulb and ballast replacement over the time period is significant.