CMM Valencia announces their installation of energy efficient LED lighting.

Valencia, CA (July 2, 2015) – Color Me Mine in the Valencia Town Center, has made significant upgrades to its lighting system that will provide substantial energy- and cost-savings while reducing its carbon footprint!

Color Me Mine has installed quality LED lighting to reduce its reliance on conventional electrical utilities and make IMG_0548a difference by lowering its carbon output. The LED fixtures will provide overall energy savings of 70% from the replaced conventional lighting. The LED lighting program is expected to achieve over $2600.00 in annual energy and maintenance savings a year.

“Energy-efficient LEDs light up our manufacturing and office areas withou t glare, noise or discoloration. The mood of our customers and the entire staff has brightened with the better light,” said Larry Parsons. “The investment in LED lighting will help us achieve our goal of profitability and will make our company very sustainable.”

Color Me Mine has replaced over 63 conventional lamps and replaced them with commercial quality LED lights. By replacing the existing conventional lamps Color Me Mine will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 17,000 pounds per year, sulfur dioxide emissions by 58 pounds, nitrogen dioxide by 29 pounds and harmful mercury from florescent lamps by 412 grams per year. The local impact is equivalent to 3 acres of tree’s being planted and one automobile being removed from the streets per year.

The energy saving LED lights were provided and installed by LED PowerSaver. The SCE Express Program provided a partial rebate for the new LED lights.

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About Color Me Mine:.

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About LED PowerSaver:

Controlling utility costs is essential to the sustainability of any business. As utility costs continue to rise profitability drops. LED PowerSaver provides a viable option that reduces utility, maintenance and air conditioning costs while providing clean light. By installing LED commercial lights, a business will save over 50% on lighting utility costs. LED PowerSaver supplies LED lighting that achieve substantial savings for any business.

Color Me Mine Transforms Retail Lighting With LED PowerSaver

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