The DIY or Do It Center in the Crescenta Valley, California has made significant upgrades to its lighting systems that will enhance the look of the store and improve visibility for customers and staff. The LED lighting will also provide substantial energy- and cost-savings while reducing its carbon footprint.

Being a leader in providing hardware, construction materials, house-ware and garden materials. DIY has been setting the standard as the market-leader in superior customer service with quality service and materials. DIY is an industry leader in setting the example for others to follow by investing in energy saving lighting and installing new LED lighting to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

DIY has installed quality LED lighting to reduce its reliance on conventional electrical utilities and make a difference by lowering its carbon output. The LED fixtures will provide overall energy savings of 50% from the replaced conventional lighting. The LED lighting program is expected to achieve over $50,000 in annual energy and maintenance savings a year. DIY expects to save over 250,00 kWh per year.

“Energy-efficient LED’s light up our customer service areas and retail areas without glare, noise or discoloration. The mood of the store has brightened with the better light,” said Laura Shanders. “The investment in LED will help us achieve our goal of reducing our energy usage.

DIY has replaced over 900 conventional lamps. Replacing the existing conventional lamps will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 500,000 pounds per year, sulfur dioxide emissions by 1600 pounds, nitrogen dioxide by 800 pounds and harmful mercury from florescent lamps by 12,000 grams per year. The local impact is equivalent to 82 acres of tree’s being planted and 40 automobiles being removed from the streets per year.

DIY Crescenta Valley has a New Look

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