The best Italian bakery in Southern California is the Eagle Rock Italian Bakery. Without a doubt the Italian specialties, cakes, deserts, holiday trays, cookies and pies are the best to be found on a daily basis. No other bakery has the pedigree, history or knows how that this bakery maintains day in and day out.

Walking in to this bakery is a delight to the nose and thrill to the palate. But until recently the eyes had to look hard to see the beautiful works of food art that were in the pastry case. The tired florescent lighting had all but faded out and the displays looked ready to retire. Nick and Jemma decided to replace the florescent lighting with new LED lights.

The new LED lights provided a clean white light, which enhanced the display cases. The true colors of the canoli’s, napoleon’s, cakes, cookies, pies and Italian delights came to life. There was no heat from the LED’s so the display cases stayed cooler and less energy was used for lighting and cooling.

Now when you enter this haven of Italian baking your nose, palate and eyes will all have the joy of being treated to the best Italian bakery in southern California.

Food for the Eyes

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