Hard to reach and tough to change was the lobby of Aquafine.

The lobby of Aquafine was a beautiful example of the clean industrial look. High ceilings, open windows and a grand staircase. Polished floors with well-placed seating made this lobby an inspiration. The only issue was the lights were out and had been out for a long time.

The engineering staff at Aquafine wanted to change the lights and update the look of the lobby. LED lighting was selected for the clean white light that showed off the polished look of the lobby.

The ceiling is 23 feet high and access was blocked to ladders by the staircase. A knuckle boom was brought in to make the light change safe and easy.

LED lamps replaced the mercury halide lamps as well as the florescent U tubes. The lobby came to life with new LED lights. Long lasting LED lamps will keep the lobby lit for years.

High Ceilings and Hard to Reach

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