Manufacturing and staying green may not go hand-in-hand, but JRS has made the commitment to the environment by lowering its carbon footprint. Reducing energy consumption by changing to LED lighting JRS has reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 161,000 pounds per year, sulfur dioxide emissions by 537 pounds, nitrogen dioxide by 269 pounds and harmful mercury from florescent lamps by 3,800 grams per year. The local impact is equivalent to 26 acres of tree’s being planted and 13 automobiles being removed from the streets per year.

The LED lighting will save over 80,00 kWh per year and make a huge difference in the environment.

Additionally, the improved lighting has helped the manufacturing and office staff with their detailed work. The overall mood and attitude of the staff is positive and uplifting because of the improved lighting. “Energy-efficient LED’s light up the manufacturing and office areas without glare, noise or discoloration.

JRS has installed quality LED lighting to reduce its reliance on conventional electrical utilities and make a difference by lowering its carbon output. The LED fixtures will provide overall energy savings of 50% from the replaced conventional lighting.

Manufacturing and Going Green

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