Mission Linen is known throughout the west as the leader in commercial linen, towels and uniform provider. Most of Mission Linen’s plants operate 24/7 and use the latest technology in washing, drying, folding, water recycling and energy savings. One of the largest plants operated by Mission Linen is in Chino, California. The Chino plant utilizes the latest in technology and changed their florescent T5 and T8 lamps to an LED retrofit using their existing fixtures.
The LED retrofit reduced their energy usage on lighting by over 50% and also reduced the amount of heat generated by the existing florescent lamps. The big bonus was that maintenance costs were reduced to zero as the LED lamps require no ballast, transformer and will last over 50,000 hours. Energy reduction, reduced heat and no maintenance will keep Mission Linen in the lead.Mission Linen Chino





Mission Linen operates in the Green

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