Safety, security and visibility are important to tenants and property owners. When it gets dark are the lights on? Is the area well lit and safe? These are all questions that all users of parking areas think about as they enter a business or shopping center.

Older lighting of mercury halide, mercury vapor or even sodium vapor provides uneven and dim light. As the lights get older they deteriorate and the light fades and flickers. Most of the old lighting burns 400 to 1000 watts of power per hour to provide light. The lights generate high heat and frequently burn out. Most of the older lamps utilize the power to provide 10% light and 90% heat. The lighting is inefficient.

As a property owner CanAm Business Park understood the issue and changed their poor lighting to LED lighting. The LED lighting provided clean, white light and improved the visibility of the center and its parking lot. Energy-efficient LED’s light up parking areas without glare, noise or discoloration

Being green was also important so CanAm choose to improve the environment by lowering its carbon footprint. Reducing parking lot lighting energy consumption by 70% was easy when changing to LED lighting. The simple change in lighting has reduced the power bill by 70%. The LED lighting will save over 30,00 kWh per year for CanAm and make a huge difference in the environment.

Night is safe at CanAm Business Center

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