Our PAR Series LED Spotlights replace traditional Halogen spotlights. Enhance your details while consuming up to 9 times less energy!
Savings and Efficiency:
  • Use only 7 to 14 watts
  • 90% light and only 10% heat
  • 90% energy saving compared to incandescent
  • Dimmable
Healthy Lighting:
  • Solid-state lighting
  • No mercury or UV radiation
  • 100% recyclable


PARdetail-20 PARdetail-30 PARdetail-38

Product Description:

At LED Power Saver we carry PAR 20, 30 and 38 lamps available in a range of 7 W to 14 W, with a dispersion angle of 30 to 45 degrees. These lamps replace traditional incandescent light bulbs and CFLs and do not require adapters as they have a traditional screw base (E26 – E27).

We have a range of color temperatures ranging from warm to cool. Discover our models and the certifications that ensure the excellent quality of our products including accurate product color representation.

Our LED Lightbulbs in Action!

More and more companies and industries are choosing LED lighting to improve their spaces in terms of productivity and aesthetics. More and more people are choosing not to waste more heat or emit more contaminating CO2 with incandescent or fluorescent light. More and more people are joining the movement to care for the environment and for human health. Be one of them.


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Description Watts Color Range Lumens
PAR38 14 2700/3000/ 3500/4000/ 5500 675/725/ 775/800/ 800
Base Beam Angle Lifetime Type Input(V)
E26 30/45/60/120┬░ 35,000 SMD 110-220

PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) 38 Series LED Spotlights are designed to replace traditional halogen spotlights in existing fixtures and require no adapters!


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