Driving along your local freeway and looking at a patterned wall you think how beautiful. That is a nice pattern and it enhances travel and of course removes visual blight. The concrete was formed to look great and provide a visual experience to the many travelers.

Specformliners are the reason you see the wonderful patterns and imprints along many of today’s highways. Being creative, inspirational and artistic drives the team at Specformliners. This is why Specformliners choose to improve lighting in their manufacturing facility. Being able to see details, work on shading, colors and patterns is important work. Lighting makes a huge difference in details. Having the right light in their manufacturing facility was an important decision.

Specformliners choose LED lighting to retrofit their facility and improve their lighting. The change to LED lighting improved their staff’s production and helped with their detailed work. The overall mood and attitude of the staff is positive and uplifting because of the improved lighting. “Energy-efficient LED’s light up the manufacturing and office areas without glare, noise or discoloration

Being green was also a priority and Specformliners choose to improve the environment by lowering its carbon footprint. Reducing lighting energy consumption by 50% was easy when changing to LED lighting. The simple change in lighting has reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 116,000 pounds per year, sulfur dioxide emissions by 3800 pounds, nitrogen dioxide by 190 pounds and harmful mercury from florescent lamps by 2,800 grams per year. The local impact is equivalent to 19 acres of tree’s being planted and 9 automobiles being removed from the streets per year.

The LED lighting will save over 60,00 kWh per year for Specformliners and make a huge difference in the environment. The LED lighting will provide an overall energy savings of 50% from the replaced conventional lighting.

Patterns and Places in Concrete

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