We offer a comprehensive line of commercial and industrial LED lamps and bulbs to complete your lighting project, from warm comfort to task lighting. Change to LED and improve your light quality while saving up to 90% of your energy costs.
  • Manufactured as commercial/industrial grade products for LED PowerSaver
  • Custom design from components to colors and finish
  • Certified and UL or other certified testing lab approved
  • Performance Tested – completed by independent government approved labs
  • Results – verified by independent organizations
  • Quality is rated for commercial and industrial uses
  • Guaranteed – backed by industry leading warranties

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porductmatrix_r1_c2 porductmatrix_r3_c1
porductmatrix_r4_c1 porductmatrix_r5_c1
porductmatrix_r3_c2 porductmatrix_r2_c2



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