LED Downlights can be embedded into walls or ceilings to replace traditional fixtures

Number of lamps in packaging: 2

  • 10 years with 7 hours of daily use
  • 3 year warranty
recessedSavings and Efficiency:
  • Use only 16 and 26 watts
  • 90% light and only 10% heat
  • 90% energy saving compared to incandescent
Healthy Lighting:
  • Solid-state lighting
  • No mercury or UV radiation
  • 100% recyclable
  • Improve your lighting, productivity and aesthetics
  • Save energy lowering your costs and join those who work for the care of the environment.
Product Description:

At LED Power Saver we carry 16 W and 26 W LED Down lights that can be embedded into the wall or ceiling. They replace traditional fixtures, providing excellent even lighting. We have a range of color temperatures: warm, neutral and cool. Discover our models and the certifications that ensure the excellent quality of our products.

Guarantee Your Purchase!

LED Power Saver products have the most demanding certifications of international technological laboratories that guarantee the highest quality in terms of efficacy, efficiency, light quality and power consumption. Make sure you purchase the best LED lighting. Start by asking for our energy evaluation, free of charge.


RDL-01 RDL-02 RDL-03 RDL-04 RDL-05 RDL-06




Description Watts Color Range Lumens
Recessed LED Downlight 16-24 3500/4100/5500 900/1000/1100
Efficacy Lifetime Input(V)
56/62/69 30,000 AC120~220V 50/60Hz



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