While LED lighting is powerful sunglasses are not needed.  The local sunglass and eyeglass distributor Asia Pacific has upgraded their lighting to LED.  Judy Chen of Asia Pacific said,” Being able to discern colors, shades and styles is important to our business. LED lighting provides a clean white light that does not distort the colors and shades.  We are able to see clearly and of course the small labels are easier to read. “.

Asia Pacific qualified for a large rebate for the installation from the City of Vernon Utility.  The rebate enhanced the repayment time by many months.  The installation was done during normal working hours and there was no business disruption.

The energy usage for lights at SunGlasses was reduced by over 60%.  There is no maintenance for the life of the lights and there is far less heat generated by LED’s.  The benefits were clear to Asia Pacific even without their reading glasses.img_4588 img_4590 img_4593 img_4558 img_4592 img_4593

Sunglasses of Vernon installs LED lighting.

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