Honolulu – Delivering the freshest and finest produce throughout Hawaii has always been the goal of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Otani and D. Otani Produce. Selling fresh green vegetables, fruit and a wide variety of produce, locally grown or from the Mainland, Otani has long been a leader in the islands’ produce industry. The D. Otani Produce warehouse on Nimitz Highway is over 45,000 square feet and the operation runs 24/7 to keep Hawaii supplied with the freshest produce.
Otani was also one of the first to modernize and “green” his facilities. His warehouse is state-of-the-art with timing controls, automated doors and photovoltaic solar generation on the roof. Otani recycles all cardboard and plastics daily.
Noting that electricity was among the biggest expenses of the business, Otani sought out methods to reduce overall energy consumption. Studying the lighting, Otani knew that the exisitng metal halide and fluorescent lights were inefficient. Seeking out better lighting, Otani found LED Power Saver performed a free energy audit of the facility and provided a detailed summary of the benefits of converting to LED lighting. Among the summary of benefits was a substantial energy savings of more than 50 percent on lighting costs. In additon, the removal of the heat-producing fluorescents and metal halides lowered the cooling cost as the air conditioning system did not have to work as hard to cool the heat from the many hot lights. Maintenance on lighting was reduced to near zero as the LED lights will last over 5 years even though they are on 24/7. The replacement of the metal halide and fluorescent lamps which contain mercury removed the danger of hazardous materials from a food area. Otani appreciated that LED bulbs do not contain hazardous materials and are fully recyclable.
Otani’s motivation had been energy savings and helping the environment. A bigger bonus was that the workers were so pleased with the light of the LEDs when they experienced that the clean, clear light that makes reading labels and grading produce much easier. The result is that the Otani staff is more productive and happier.
The Greenest Grocer in Hawaii

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